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Who We Are

    The Cheyenne Gaming Convention may be a great fun time for gamers of all kinds to get together and share memories. However, did you know the entire event is actually a charity fundraiser?

    The Cheyenne Gaming Convention is hosted by the Wyoming Gaming Library, a 501.c3 organization founded in 2018 by local gamers. The mission statement of the WGL is “To provide games and gaming resources to hospitals, schools, and other charities across the front range”. We want to find a way to use gaming for the good of those around us. We have worked with organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and more. We also take our game library to other conventions such as Genghis Con and Vincon.

    Funds raised for WGL more the organization forward in their mission to create a fully mobile board and video game library. We dream of being able to roll up a stocked-out bus to any event to support other groups and charities in the front range. We hope to even bring tables, chairs, tv’s, and even a generator, so that the games can come to anyone who needs them, free of charge.

Brad Koch

Zavier Bates

Robert McKinney

Jonathan Hedger

Meet the Board

Brad Koch President

Zaviar Bates Vice President

Robert McKinney Secretary

Jonathan Hedger Treasurer

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